Because I will not leave your side, 

I will just fall asleep in your heart forever  

Compassionate at Home Euthanasia

There is no doubt that this is one of the most difficult decisions you have ever faced in your life. You have loved your friend, played with him/her, laughed, cried... maybe even gotten mad a couple of times. You have shared moments that will stay in your heart forever.  

Today you are trying to decide whether or nor the time to say good-bye has arrived. There is no magic formula to determine when the right time is. As pet parents the answer is simple, there is never a good time to say good-bye, we want them forever by our sides. But we love them so much that we know at one point we have to make the difficult decision and consider what is best for them.  

Knowing when the right time is can be difficult and each case is different. By clicking here you can find some resources to help guide you as you navigate this challenging time. We also offer At Home Quality of life assessment if these resources are not enough for you and your family. 

Gentle humane euthanasia is a loving decision when your beloved pet's quality of life has been impacted, when there is a progressive non-treatable disease, or a terminal disease. 

We understand that losing your beloved pet is the equivalent to losing a family member. We understand the pain you and your family will experience and the immense loss. One of the benefits of at-home euthanasia is that you will be able to grieve in the tranquility of your home. We will be there with you to support you in every step of the way, you can find some information about loss on "Coping with the Loss of a Beloved Pet"  

If you have questions about euthanasia, you can visit our FAQ page

What's included?

All compassionate in-home euthanasia include: 

Please note, if you elected to have ashes returned, they will be returned to Fairfield Animal Hospital in Kelowna for pick up.

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ComPAWssionate Care Veterinary Mobile Services is affiliated with Okanagan Pet Cremation. There are different options for aftercare:

Private cremation:

Your beloved pet will be cremated individually.  His/her ashes will rest in a classic wood urn or picture urn (included in price). If you would like a different urn, please see urns (price of urns as per website). You will receive a certificate of cremation, authenticating that your pet was cremated individually at Okanagan Pet Crematorium.  Cost $260-500

Communal cremation: 

Your beloved pet will be cremated with other pets. *You will NOT receive his/her ashes back.* Your pet's ashes will be spread over their beautiful scenic field overlooking the lake and surrounding mountains of the valley.  Cost $120-300

At-home burial:

Alternatively, you may choose to have your pet buried in your own property. You are responsible to check your municipal laws to ensure this is allowed. Please note that you will have to follow specific rules for burial to ensure the protection of wildlife and other animals. 

Transporting your beloved pet with Love and Care

We understand the deep bond you share with your beloved pet. After they cross the rainbow bridge, they deserve to be transported with love, dignity, and compassion. We are committed to providing a last ride that honors the special connection you had with them, treating this moment with the care and respect it deserves.

Our team conducts this final journey with compassion and understanding, ensuring your pet is handled gently and securely. We are here to offer support, empathy, and the utmost care for your cherished companion as they embark on their final adventure.

We understand how difficult this day can be for you and your family. We find that doing all the paperwork ahead of time helps move all the focus to spending some quality time with your beloved pet. 

Please follow the link below to complete ahead of your appointment time. 

**Please note this form should be completed only once an appointment has been confirmed**