About us

Founded and operated by a dedicated husband and wife team, our practice embraces the values of love, care, and compassion. As pet parents ourselves, we understand the profound bond you share with your furry companions. 

Dr. Ale, Practice Owner/Founder & Shyla


Dr. Ale's lifelong passion for helping animals was evident from a young age, spending weekends and holidays on her family's cattle farm and immersing herself in the equestrian world, where she crossed paths with Ivan. Together, their shared love for horses and their unwavering commitment to rescuing dogs from the streets brought them closer.

Fueled by her desire to make a difference, Dr. Ale pursued her veterinary training at the esteemed Ontario Veterinary College. During her studies, she found herself captivated by the challenges and rewards of emergency medicine. Upon graduation, she delved further into this field, completing an internship in Emergency and Critical Care, before embarking on a career as an emergency veterinarian.

As an active emergency veterinarian, Dr. Ale remains devoted to her patients. She dedicates the rest of her time to their mobile practice, driven by a vision to offer exceptional care beyond the traditional clinic setting.

Recognizing that Western medicine alone may not suffice in managing pain, Dr. Ale expanded her expertise, earning certifications in veterinary acupuncture and spinal manipulation (also known as animal chiropractic). This integrative approach has proved vital in addressing pain and certain neurological/orthopedic conditions, particularly in senior pets.

In her pursuit of excellence, Dr. Ale set her sights on a Masters in Integrative Veterinary Medicine at Chi University, expected to complete her studies in 2024. This commitment reflects her unwavering dedication to enhancing the well-being of her furry patients through holistic and progressive approaches.

Moreover, Dr. Ale understands the heart-wrenching decisions pet owners face. She firmly believes that there is no place like home for a pet's final moments, and she is dedicated to supporting families in ensuring a peaceful passing, surrounded by love and comfort.

Certified by CAETA (Companion Animal Euthanasia Training Academy), Dr. Ale offers compassionate in-home euthanasia, understanding the profound impact of this sensitive time. With utmost care and attention, she ensures that beloved pets can find solace in familiar surroundings during their final journey.

Ivan, Practice Owner/General Manager , Shyla & Teagan

Ivan Ortiz

Ivan and Ale met at an equestrian school where they shared their love for horses and a passion for rescuing dogs from the streets, nurturing them with love and care. As Ale's dreams took her towards becoming a veterinarian, Ivan stood firmly by her side, offering unwavering support throughout her 11-year educational journey. He knew that her calling to heal and nurture animals was something they both shared, and he was determined to make their collective vision a reality.

Ivan's role as the Practice Manager became vital in orchestrating the mobile unit's seamless operation, ensuring that they could reach pets and their families wherever they may be, providing comfort and convenience during stressful times.

Being a devoted pet parent himself, Ivan fully understands the depth of the love and bond that exists between humans and their animal companions. This personal experience allows him to approach each pet with empathy and kindness, making sure that the clinic's services are delivered with the utmost care and consideration.

Beyond the day-to-day mobile operations, Ivan continues to be his wife's pillar of support as she pursues her Masters in Integrative Veterinary Medicine. He knows that her expertise and dedication to exploring integrative approaches will enhance the care they can provide, offering pets and their families a comprehensive and compassionate healing experience.

His dedication, alongside his wife's, forms the backbone of their mobile practice, ensuring that each pet receives the love and attention they deserve in the comfort of their home.